Test and Measurement

Testing and measurements plays an integral part in your product manufacturing process. Any wrong measurements would cause your product quality to change – we don’t want that to happen right? Imagine the amount of customers you would lose! With such measuring instruments, you can also keep your manufacturing conditions consistent and ensure a smooth manufacturing process. Preventing your machines from overheating can save you from potential repairing costs – DESK has high quality thermometers cater to your needs. Shop for your measuring instruments from our test and measurement category so that your product quality can be consistent!

No matter what material you are testing, DESK has an instrument for you. In the electrical industry trying to test the level of electricity, current and voltage? We have energy meters, power meters, voltage meters, potentiometer, earth ground testers, clamp meters and digital multimeters for you. Testing and measuring electricity level can ensure your machines are operating at its optimum level. In the lab industry doing up experiments and collecting data? We have frequency meters and data loggers for you to conduct your experiments more efficiently. Working on motors, generators, cables or switch gears? We have insulation testers and resistance meters for you. Our comprehensive catalogue will cover everything you need. Shop from DESK today!