Circuit Protection

"Better protection with Circuit Protection 

For any office, workspace or industrial areas, it is important to handle and manage electrical currents or voltages whenever necessary to ensure maximum safety. DESK Singapore provides various types of circuit protection for your business needs such as circuit breakers, circuit switches, loadbreak switches, switch disconnectors, fuses, thermistors, varistors, ESD suppressors, thyristors, arrestors and electrical sockets. 

Why is circuit protection necessary? 

Circuit protection ensures the most safety and protection over short circuits or from incidents of electrocution. Besides keeping your office and workspace safe, circuit protection also conserves energy and saves more cost when used properly. Become more efficient with circuit protection, all on DESK Singapore! 

Greater protection with Circuit breakers 

Circuit breakers can help stop currents from passing through and this protects damage from excess current. DESK Singapore offers multiple types of circuit breakers such as low voltage circuit breakers and high voltage circuit breakers. Source for the best circuit breakers on DESK Singapore today! 

Circuit Switches for enhanced safety 

Compared to other switches, circuit switches are able to isolate electrical circuits from their power source, which is only used when the main power supply is disconnected from the electrical system. DESK Singapore offers multiple types of circuit switches such as double break type isolators and single break type isolators. Discover the best circuit switches on DESK Singapore today! 

Break currents with Loadbreak Switches

Loadbreak switches are able to disconnect or break specific currents in order to interrupt currents. Loadbreak switches can come in various types such as 400 A, 600 A or 1,200 A. Source for the best loadbreak switches for your business needs today, only on DESK Singapore! 

Switch Disconnectors for enhanced efficiency 

Unlike other switches, switch disconnectors are a mixture of loadbreak switches and circuit switches. They are useful as switches for low voltage distribution boards or isolating and separating loads during maintenance. DESK Singapore offers multiple types of switch disconnectors such as changeover switches or rewireable switches. Grab the best switch disconnectors on DESK Singapore today! 

Fuses for more safety and protection

Fuses are important to protect from overcurrent and from short circuits. It requires a strip or metal wire to melt and dissolve when a heavy flow of current goes through it. DESK Singapore offers various types of fuses such as rewireable fuses and cartridge type fuses. Whatever your business needs are, DESK Singapore offers the best fuses for your business needs. 

Thermistors for more accurate measurements 

For thermometers, thermistors are important in order to ensure accurate readings. They are crucial parts of a thermometer and are mainly used to measure temperature. DESK Singapore offers a wide range of thermistors such as negative temperature coefficient thermistors and positive temperative coefficient thermistors. Source for the best thermistors for your business today! 

Add more protection with Varistors 

Another common circuit protector are varistors. Varistors are semiconductors that decrease in resistance when the voltage increases. These are especially useful for sensitive circuits. DESK Singapore provides various types of varistors such as silicon carbide varistors. Source for affordable and high quality varistors today, only on DESK Singapore! 

Protect your industrial products with ESD Suppressors 

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can be a danger to circuits. This is due to the friction between two materials that are incompatible or not similar. To prevent further damage, DESK Singapore provides many types of ESD suppressors that help to stop and interrupt ESD. Discover the best ESD suppressors, all on DESK Singapore today! 

Thyristors for heavier currents 

If your business deals with large amounts of voltage and power, thyristors might be the right circuit protections for you. DESK Singapore offers multiple types of thyristors that help to reverse the current in order to turn off devices to prevent further damage. Grab the best thyristors on DESK Singapore! 

Arrestors for more protection against external threats 

Surge arrestors protect electrical equipment from overcurrent from external or internal threats. DESK Singapore offers multiple types of arrestors such as low-voltage surge arrestors or magnetic blow valve station arrestors. Source for the best arrestors on DESK Singapore, all for the best prices! 

Multiple functions with Electrical Sockets/Light Switches 

Switches and sockets are prominent and important for everyday use. Whether it is industrial or domestic, switches and sockets provide safe and proper ways for electrical energy to be used. DESK Singapore offers multiple types of switches and sockets with different electric potential. Discover the best sockets and switches for your business today! 

No matter what your business or industrial needs, DESK Singapore offers the best circuit protectors and at affordable prices. "