Industrial Electrical

The best industrial electrical products for your business! 

Ever needed to replace your industrial electrical equipment immediately but never had the time to physically purchase them yourself? Welcome to DESK Singapore's comprehensive online platform that fulfils your industrial business needs! Whatever industrial electrical products you might need, DESK Singapore has them here for you, and all at the most competitive quotations in the market. DESK Singapore provides multiple types of industrial electrical products that are mainly categorised as circuit protection, enclosures and cabinets, cable management, accessories, industrial control, motor controls and drives, test and measurement, electric wires and connectors as well as pressure measuring instruments 

Why are industrial electrical products necessary? 

Industrial electrical equipment are equipment that utilise electrical energy to function. Whether your business needs switches or bulbs, industrial electrical products ensure that the electrical energy in your office or workspace gets translated into useful forms. Besides having specific functions in your workspace such as lighting up your office, industrial electrical equipment can also be designed to be cost-effective and energy saving, hence making your office or workspace a safer and more conducive place for work. 

Circuit Protection for greater safety 

If your office or workspace has multiple sources of electrical energy, it might be a good idea to install circuit protections in an electrical circuit in order to prevent too much current from passing through or preventing short circuits as well. Moreover, it ensures safety throughout your office and helps you prevent any serious electrical mishaps. DESK Singapore offers multiple types of circuit protection such as circuit breakers, circuit protectors, loadbreak switches, switch disconnectors, fuses, thermistors, varistors, ESD suppressors, thyristors, arrestors and electrical sockets or light switches. Discover the best kind of circuit protection for your business needs, only on DESK Singapore! 

Enclosures and cabinets for enhanced safety 

To ensure your office's safety, enclosures and cabinets might be the best solutions for your electricity needs. Enclosures provide a great storage space to protect your cables, wires and other industrial electrical equipment from getting damaged. DESK Singapore provides numerous types of enclosures and cabinets such as enclosures, racks and cabinets as well as control panels to keep your office safe. Grab the best enclosures and cabinets for your business today, only on DESK Singapore! 

Cable management for better organisation 

For added safety measures, cable management is important for keeping your cables organised. On top of organisation, open or exposed wires are dangerous and will put you and your employees at risk. DESK Singapore provides multiple types of cable management products such as power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, voltage cables, fire resistant cables and wires, as well as offshore and marine cables. Whatever your business needs are, DESK Singapore has got you covered! 

Enhance your electrical products with Accessories

Enhance your industrial electrical products with accessories. It is important to organise your industrial electrical products carefully, especially with many wires around the office. DESK Singapore offers a wide range of accessories for your electrical products such as wiring accessories, cable labeling and markings, fastening products and aerosol products. No matter what your business needs are, DESK Singapore aims to enhance your office's safety and organisation with industrial electrical accessories! 

Get in control with Industrial control

For industrial work, it is important to have the proper controls for your industrial electrical products. Besides saving energy, industrial controls help to direct where your electricity goes and how it is being used by your office. DESK Singapore offers a variety of industrial controls, from control and signaling, to level controllers, panel meters, power supplies, programme controllers, relays, sensors, temperature controllers and lastly, timers and counters. Discover the best industrial electrical products for your business, only on DESK Singapore! 

Motor controls and drives for better control

If you require more control over motors, motor controls and drives are the right way to go! Motor controls can either turn motors on or off and also control the amount of electricity that is going through the motors. DESK Singapore offers various types of motor controls and drives such as motor protection devices and motor starters. Source for the best motor controls and drives today, all on DESK Singapore! 

Test and measurement for the most accuracy 

It is important for industrial work to always have meters and instruments to focus on testing and measuring their work. From quality control to ensuring accurate and consistent products constantly, test and measurement instructions are crucial in all kinds of work. DESK Singapore offers a large range of test and measurement equipment such as meters, loggers, and testers. Discover the best test and measurement equipment for your business today, only on DESK Singapore! 

Enhance safety with Electric wires and connector 

When it comes to electrical equipment and instruments, it is crucial for businesses to ensure the most safety with proper insulation equipment or protective coverage of their wires. DESK Singapore offers a wide range of electric wires and connectors such as plugs and sockets, underfloor ducting systems and adaptors. Grab the best electric wires and connectors today, all at your convenience on DESK Singapore! 

Keep pressure in check with Pressure measuring instruments 

Ensure the best pressure measuring procedures with DESK Singapore's pressure measuring instruments. It is always important to ensure the most quality and accuracy when measuring pressure, and that is why DESK Singapore offers multiple types of pressure measuring instruments such as gauges, regulators, monitors, transmitters and sensors. Source for the best pressure measuring instruments today, all on DESK Singapore. 

No matter what your industrial or business needs are, DESK Singapore has the right industrial electrical products for you!