Laundry Products

Laundry is often rated as the least favourite household chore. Own a laundry business to loosen your client’s load? Trying to source for affordable laundry products? Shop at DESK today!

Laundry bags and baskets are used for sorting clothes – we don’t want to wash a red shirt together with all our white clothes right! Imagine the colour stain! With laundry baskets, you can help to sort your customer clothes more easily – no more accidental colour stains! 

DESK also sells laundry soap in bulk. Have tough stains that won’t go away? Want new nice smelling soaps? Simply browse through our product catalogue to search for the specific type of soap that you need – DESK will take care of all your needs!

Trying to maximise store space? Or trying to keep your customer clothes wrinkle free? Shop at DESK today for our hangers and racks! By hanging the clothes, it can make your shop more organized and free up more space, while ensuring that the clothes won’t have folding marks. Freshly out laundry requires ironing to make them wrinkle-free. Shop at DESK for our ironing boards to straighten your customers clothes – more satisfied customers!