Kitchen and Dining

Perhaps you are from the F&B industry, or even from the renovation industry trying to source for kitchen and dining products for your customers, you have come to the right place! Shop at DESK today for our wide collection of kitchen and dining tools.

For the F&B industry

DESK sells high quality cutlery and knife accessories, and kitchen utensils and gadgets. Cutleries are extremely important as they are the first thing that catches the eyes of your customers when they are seated at your table. They are also what customers use to eat their food. If your cutleries are getting old, not only does it seem unhygienic, it also leaves a bad impression to your customers. Shop at DESK for our wide range of forks, spoons, knifes and glasses. 

Own a catering service? Sourcing to buy food service equipment and supplies in bulk? Shop at DESK today! Choosing the best equipment can help in boosting the sales and efficiency of your business. Not only if quickens your food preparation process, it also ensures that the stringent standards of food hygiene is met. Our food equipment collection also includes cookware, bakeware, brewing and wine making – no matter which food industry you are in, we have you covered. Shop at DESK today to get your professional kitchen design that can provide efficiency and the best service to your customers. 

For your business needs

Your employees are your most valuable assets in a successful business. You need to keep them healthy and happy to maximise their productivity. Maybe you have already instil wellness programs like health talks, gym memberships, but many of us forget about the most fundamental thing – water. Drinking high-quality filtered water from an office water dispenser makes your employees hydrated – lesser sick days and boost productivity! Shop at DESK for our high-quality and affordable water coolers and filters for your employee wellness.