Home Appliances

Looking to add things to your pantry? Or replace old air conditioners and fans that are not working anymore? Shop at DESK for our extensive range of home appliances and you can find something that suits your needs. 

A well-stocked pantry helps to ensure that your employees are well-fed and refreshed. People will not perform at their best when they are hungry. Having nutritious snacks keeps your employees in tip-top condition to maximise their productivity. Refrigerators, coffee makers, and kitchen appliances like microwaves are basic pantry requirements. Employees need a refrigerator to keep their food fresh, and a microwave to warm it up. Coffee makers are also useful for a midday perk-me-up treat for your employees. Feeling tired? Just go grab a cup of coffee for the caffeine! Shop at DESK today to maximise your employees productivity!

Feeling your office/shop getting hotter? Perhaps it’s time to change your air-conditioners! Ensuring that your employees are working in a comfortable cool environment is important so that they can work in a relax, yet productive manner. No one likes to work in a hot place right? Shop at DESK today to buy air-conditioners in bulk for your office needs! If air-conditioners are out of your budget, we also have a more affordable option – fans. They help to improve ventilation and also make the temperature cooler. Shop at DESK today!
Find your office dusty? We have vacuum cleaners and other cleaning appliances. Running a gym and upgrading shower facilities for your clients? We have water heaters, hand dryers and wet towel dispensers. Browse our comprehensive catalogue today!