Restaurant and Bar Furniture

Furnish your restaurants and bars with DESK Singapore 

Restaurants and Bars need a lot of furniture to get started; That is why DESK Singapore aims to provide you with a comprehensive selection of restaurant and bar furniture. Planning and setting up for your restaurant or bar may be troublesome and also logistically heavy, often meaning that you will have to spend more on delivery charges from different vendors to get the best selections for your restaurant or bar. DESK Singapore offers a holistic selection of restaurant and bar furniture such as restaurant chairs and bar tables, search for the best when you are sourcing on DESK Singapore! 

Why are restaurant and bar furniture important? 

Restaurant and bar furniture are important for the comfort of your guests and customers, and for them to have the best experience in your restaurant or bar too! Moreover, to save cost over a longer period of time, restaurant and bar furniture needs to be sturdy and durable enough to withstand being used everyday and for very long hours too. DESK Singapore has got the furniture that you need for your restaurants and bars! 

Ensure comfort with Restaurant Chairs 

For restaurants, it is common to have four-legged chair with a stable backing to ensure that customers have the most comfort possible. DESK Singapore offers different types of restaurant chairs such as banquet chairs, side chairs and captain's chairs. Source for the best restaurant chairs today, all on DESK Singapore! 

Provide better spaces with Restaurant Tables 

Tables are important for any restaurant and besides providing your customers with a proper place for eating, restaurant tables also add more style and colour to your restaurant! DESK Singapore provides multiple types of restaurant tables such as two to four person tables and family dining tables. Grab the best restaurant tables for your business today, only on DESK Singapore! 

Be cost-effective with Restaurant Sets 

For many restaurants, purchasing restaurant furniture can get expensive and getting individual furniture items delivered can be costly too. Restaurant and dining sets include restaurant chairs and tables together, allowing you to purchase more furniture for less cost! DESK Singapore offers a wide range of restaurant sets with different types of restaurant chairs and tables, just for your business! 

Other Restaurant Furniture to enhance your restaurant

On top of our selection of restaurant furniture, DESK Singapore also offers multiple types of restaurant furniture such as restaurant booths and outdoor tables fit for alfresco dining! Source on DESK Singapore today and get more furniture for your restaurant needs! 

Bar Stools for a higher reach 

For every bar, high stools are needed for greater comfort for your guests and customers. It encourages people to gather and interact around the bar and it is a great place for bonding. DESK Singapore offers various types of bar stools for your bar, such as pedestal stools or 4-legged stools. Whatever your bar needs are, DESK Singapore has got you covered! 

Bar Chairs for greater comfort 

Compared to bar stools, bar chairs commonly have 4 legs and have a backrest. They are generally more comfortable to sit on for longer periods of time compared to bar stools, and are often used when customers are eating meals or staying for a longer period. DESK Singapore offers various bar chairs, such as wood and metal bar chairs. 

Gather more with Bar tables 

Bar tables are important for having food and drinks during a gathering. They are mainly taller and have an adjustable stand. DESK Singapore offers various bar tables such as round bar tables and square bar tables for your bars. Source for the best bar tables today! 

Be cost-effective with Bar Furniture Sets 

As bar furniture can be costly, sourcing for bar furniture as a set can save you more money and time. Bar furniture sets usually come in different sets of bar tables, bar stools and bar chairs. DESK Singapore offers a wide range of bar furniture sets in different designs and styles, so that you can select the one that fits your bar best! 

Other Bar Furniture to enhance your bar

On top of main bar furniture, other bar furniture such as armchairs and sofas are also useful for adding more style and colour to your bar, while creating more spaces for interactions and bonding sessions! Grab the best bar furniture from DESK Singapore today, all for the best prices! 

Whatever your business needs are, DESK Singapore has the right bar furniture for you! "