Home Furniture

A taste of home in your office workspace

With DESK Singapore at your fingertips, you are now able to inject the feeling of home to your workspaces. DESK Singapore provides home furniture such as coffee tables, cabinets and bookcases, all for your office needs! 

Why is home furniture necessary? 

Home furniture provides a new kind of environment to your office and to create more interactive spaces for your employees, you may want to invest in home furniture for your offices. 

Wardrobes for storing clothes

Need a dedicated space for storing clothes or having storage racks for shoes? DESK Singapore provides a variety of wardrobes such as flexible wardrobes and modular wardrobes for your office needs! Source on DESK Singapore today to get the best wardrobes for your office. 

Dressers for increased storage space

Depending on your business needs, your business might want traditional dressers for an added touch of vintage drawers in your office. DESK Singapore provides a wide range of dressers with different materials, following the general types of a standard horizontal dresser that are ideal for lower ceilings or rooms with bigger width or standard vertical chests that are ideal for higher ceilings or rooms with smaller width. Grab the best quality dressers today, at all the best prices, only on DESK Singapore! 

Beds for greater rest

For employees, work may get tiring or stressful and a good rest might be great to boost morale and improve productivity in the office. That is why DESK Singapore offers beds just for your office space, depending on what your business needs are. DESK Singapore provides a large selection of beds such as daybeds that can double as a couch and bed for your office or bunk beds to save more space. Increase energy levels in your office with beds, only on DESK Singapore today! 

Comfortable and long-lasting Mattresses

An essential companion to the bed and bedframe, mattresses provide the comfort and support you need for a good rest. DESK Singapore provides multiple types of mattresses, such as memory foam or gel mattresses to optimise the type of rest for your employees. Source for the best mattresses at the most cost-effective prices today, all on DESK Singapore!  

All-in-one Bedroom sets

If you would like to skip the hassle of ordering beds and their accessories separately, you might like to opt to purchase bedroom sets instead of ordering them separately. DESK Singapore provides basic, expanded or customisable bedroom sets for your business, all at the convenience of just your fingertips. Discover affordable bedroom sets just for your business, only at DESK Singapore! 

Stylish Coffee tables for added aesthetics

To enhance the look of your office, you may want to add coffee tables around common areas or open areas to encourage more gatherings for your employees. DESK Singapore provides numerous types of coffee tables such as traditional coffee tables for a classier look, contemporary coffee tables that have novel and interesting features and modern coffee tables that have a more up-to-date style. Source DESK Singapore for the numerous looks and styles for coffee tables today! 

Creating more space with Cabinets 

Many offices and workspaces often have gathering areas such as pantries and snack bars, and without cabinets it is difficult to keep everything neat and tidy especially when you have many types of snacks or drinks for your employees. DESK Singapore provides multiple types of cabinets such as base cabinets to support your countertops, wall cabinets that save floor space and pantry or utility cabinets for your snack or utensil storage. Whatever your business needs may be, DESK Singapore provides the best cabinets for your business! 

Increase interactions and gatherings with more flexible Stools

Your office may have shared countertops or bar spaces, and this why DESK Singapore recognises the need for stools in your office, even for taller tables such as standing tables. DESK Singapore provides various types of stools such as folding stools for easier storage and adjustable stools for greater flexibility. Enhance your office look with the best stools, only on DESK Singapore today! 

Sturdy and Savvy TV Stands

For your office's gathering spaces, having Television stands may be a good way to create more storage space while giving your Television a proper place for easy watching. DESK Singapore offers many types of televsion stands, such as hutches and open shelved television stands. Whatever television stands you may need for your office, DESK Singapore has got them here for your business! 

Stay neat and organised with Bookcases 

It is very common that offices have many books lying around or magazines getting lost as there are no common spaces for employees to put books back in a neat and organised manner. DESK Singapore provides a large variety of bookcases such as standard bookcases and cube bookcases. Grab the best bookcases for your business today, all at the convenience of your workspace! 

Arrange your footwear with Shoe racks

Some workspaces prefer their employees to work without shoes to create a more homey and comfortable atmosphere and on top of this some employees also prefer to change into more comfortable shoes in the office, making shoe racks more important for your workspace. DESK Singapore provides a wide selection of shoe racks from shoe storage benches to shoe cabinets. Depending on your workplace, DESK Singapore provides the best selection just for your business! 

Console tables

Whether they are used for decorating a certain corner in the office or used as a table to hold extra items such as photos, console tables are great for adding more decorations to a room without taking up too much space. They usually come in the form of thin and compact tables that can go against a wall so that they maximise space. DESK Singapore offers different styles of console tables such as modern console tables or industrial style console tables. Grab the best console tables for your business today, only on DESK Singapore! 

Dining table

For gathering spaces, dining tables can create a more cohesive space for interactions and for having lunch time together. DESK Singapore provides dining tables in many shapes, styles and materials such as round dining tables, rectangular dining tables and square dining tables. DESK Singapore provides the best dining tables for your pantry and mealtime needs, grab the most fitting dining tables for your company and office today! 

Other living room furniture 

On top of the bigger types of home furniture, DESK Singapore also recognises the need for other items such as curtains, carpets and lamps to enhance the look and environment of your workspace. Add more character and creativity to your office, and improve the environment for all your employees, all with the convenience of DESK Singapore! 

Whatever your business needs, DESK Singapore has the best home furniture for your business always! "