Seasoning and Condiments

Sourcing for rare seasonings and condiments for your restaurant’s speciality? Finding it a hassle to liaise with different suppliers on multiple platforms?

Whether you are simply considering switching suppliers or searching for that right seasoning for immediate use, just browse on DESK! With our comprehensive offering of seasoning and condiments, you will be able to do a few taste tests and make a comfortable switch in food suppliers. Our dressings, condiments, condensed milk, oil & herbs, spices and seasoning, pastes and sauces, sugar and salt will be able to add a twist to your dishes – enhancing flavour. 

Finding the right flavour for each and every component of a dish can be tricky especially when your regular customers can notice the slight difference in taste if the quality of seasoning or condiment is compromised. Never let yourselves receive such complaints! Like you, we are concerned about your customers’ reviews about the food served – nothing but the best for you and your customers. 

Unable to obtain seasoning and condiments from current supplies? Purchase prices are no longer reasonable? Let DESK facilitate your sourcing process. Compare the availability, quality and prices of seasoning and condiments on our platform. By buying in bulk and negotiating prices, you be sure to obtain the best prices from our merchants. Never worry about incurring high costs to sustain current food sources and flavour. Explore various options on DESK – you might be surprised at what you might find! 

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