Food Cupboard

Going to the office pantry and everything is finished? Searching for quality staple food for your customers? 

Whether you are managing the pantry supplies or preparing staple food to serve customers in a restaurant setting, let DESK be a part of it. We offer a huge range of food products from grains, rice, beans and seeds, pasta and noodles to even instant meals, jam and spreads, cereals and oats just for daily consumption – how great is that?

Stocking up pantry food? Lazy to buy from different platforms? You got it, just source from DESK, a one-stop marketplace for our food products like – instant meals, jams, chocolate and candies,  cereals and oats. Why go through the trouble of buying from different websites when you can simply do it all at once on DESK? Not only is this time-saving for you, it also keeps your colleagues pleased with free food supply, allowing them to feel cared by the company.  

Running a restaurant will require you to stock up on local staple food -Grains, Rice, Pasta and Noodles. Trying to reduce the purchase cost of staple food? Simply just buy in bulk and negotiate reasonable prices for your restaurant business and increase profits. All this can be done on DESK! 

Starting comparing prices between products and strike a balance between cost and taste – maximise your returns.

Buy Food Cupboard from DESK Singapore today!