Slow internet, the bane of our first world problems. Are your pages taking too long to load? Image-heavy websites crashing your browsers shut before they open? A reliable and fast network system is crucial in every household and business office. Not to mention that it would spare you from getting frustrated with a poor network system. Without immediacy, owning a slow network results in poor impressions and loss of social reputation. 

DESK Singapore offers you multiple options to fix your internet with our networking products such as: modems and routers, network switches, wireless adaptors, wireless access points, wireless range extenders, IP and network cameras, network antennas, homeplug, and wireless accessories. Modems and routers are either 2 separate devices or all-in-one. It helps to set up your home network to access the internet. 

Alternatively, use homeplugs to connect to WiFi. They give you faster internet and have longer range than Eternet and WiFi equipment. Network switches will provide you similar services as a router but allows for multiple devices within a single local area network (LAN). 

Purchase our WiFi adaptors for convenient internet access on the go and supplement them with wireless accessories to reduce the wire clutter from your work desk and homes. If you find yourself needing extra devices connecting to your wired network, use a wireless access point hardware to connect multiple devices concurrently. Complement WAPs with wireless range extenders to achieve a stronger WiFi signal from nearing routers, or network antennas which could a wide coverage of both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Our IP and network cameras captures clearer images of a bigger area, allows for two-way audio communication, and is equipped with distributed artificial intelligence. Taking the place of 3 to 4 CCTVs, if you worry about security issues, check out our latest IP and network cameras for surveillance tracking.