Mobile and Accessories

DESK is your one-stop online marketplace that offers you everything you need. Looking for smartphones? Checked. Spare parts like batteries, chargers? Checked. Mobile accessories like screen protectors, cases, Bluetooth accessories, adapters and cables? Checked. You name it, we have it. Shop at DESK today!

For your company needs

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. While landlines are seen as outdated, telephones are still found in most businesses. Your business needs centralized communication – a phone number for your clients to call, and also routing to contact the right person. Shop at DESK to buy desk phones in bulk for your company today. 

Smartphones today are extremely important to our lives. We use it from the moment we wake up and for the entire day. It helps us to communicate with other people while serving as a form of entertainment. They are even integrated into our work life. The constant usage of smartphones would mean that many of us often find our phone battery running dead – this is where power banks come in. We can charge our phones anytime and anywhere with it which removes the worry of our phone dying in the middle of important business conversations. Power banks serve as excellent corporate gifts for your clients as it is such a handy tool in our daily lives. Purchase them from DESK today!

With the shift in focus on our physical health, digital wearables like Fitbit and smartwatches are in trend. These devices help to keep track of our physical activity and they also include health monitoring features. By purchasing such devices for your employees, you can help them improve their health and wellbeing which would translate to higher productivity in your company. 

Growing market for mobile accessories

In today’s digitalized world, there are more mobile devices than there are people. And this means that there’s ample opportunity for you to enter the growing market for smartphone accessories. Phone cases and covers are highly sought after as they not only protect phones from potential damage, but also inject some individuality to make the device more special. There is also a rising demand for screen protectors as the cost to replace a broken screen is extremely high. Start your mobile accessories business today by shopping from DESK!