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Need a quick central processing unit replacement for your computer? Or perhaps a computer cabinet casing for your computer system? 

Select from two options of external storage devices such as hard disk drives or solid state drives, or select the best graphics card to fit your computer and business needs, or even choose the best motherboards and Central Processing Units (CPU) that are most compatible for your computer's system! On top of that, we even have a variety of Random Access Memory (RAM) that you can upgrade your existing RAMs with, fans and cooling systems to regulate the temperature of your computer systems and other computer components such as DVD writers and cables for your computer needs! 

Upgrade your computers and accessories for better business! 

In this day and age, computers and accessories have become crucial in the office and in working life. Almost all office jobs require a computer, and even in industrial and manufacturing projects, computers are used for tracking manufacturing processes, or tracking the progress for industrial projects. Here at DESK Singapore, computers and their accessories are essential and necessary for any business and as such, DESK Singapore offers the best brands and quality products for your computer and accessory needs. Whether you need to provide more laptops, tablets or monitors for your growing number of employees, or hard disk drives to store more memory, DESK Singapore has got everything you need! 

Desktops for longer use

Tired of your laptop and tablets hanging on you? Or shutting down before you save your work? Desktop computers are the most reliable computers in the market, and with a desktop you can do more and work longer! DESK Singapore offers a wide range of desktops such as all-in-one desktops that have all components in one place, compact desktops that are smaller and full sized desktops that have components separate from the monitor. Whatever your business needs may be, DESK Singapore provides the best desktop computers from the most reputed brands in the industry. 

Laptop and accessories for more convenience 

Laptops revolutionised convenience for the world and gave even greater convenience for business and companies alike. While desktop computers have a longer lifespan, laptops surpass desktop computers in their portability and convenience. Do work anywhere and everywhere with laptops, and never be tied to a desk ever again! DESK Singapore offers a large assortment of laptops such as ultrabooks for a convertible laptop, netbooks are more lightweight and notebooks are the common usual laptop that are capable of doing more work. Depending on your business needs, DESK Singapore has the right laptops for you! 

Monitors and accessories for easier use 

Monitors are the best accessories for desktop computers and laptop computers. No matter what business you're in, having a good monitor is essential for a better day at work and for more productive and efficient work as well. DESK Singapore offers a wide assortment of monitors, such as Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors that use similar technology to televisions, liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors that are both lightweight and advanced and light-emitting diodes (LED) monitors that produce images with higher contrast. Depending on your business needs, DESK Singapore has the best monitors for your business! 

Hard disk drives for greater memory storage

If your business needs to store more memory, hard disk drives (HDD)  might be a great option for your business needs. Hard disk drives are capable of storing large amounts of data, for a lower cost than compared to Solid state drives (SDD). Come and source for high quality hard disk drives, and at the best prices too only on DESK Singapore! 

Solid state drives for faster memory storage

If your business is looking for better memory performance and faster boot ups, solid disk drives (SDD)  may be the way to go. Solid disk drives, although more costly than their hard disk drive counterparts, perform much faster than solid state drives. Discover the best solid state drives today, only on DESK Singapore! 

High quality graphics with Graphics Cards

A graphics card helps to convert data to images or graphics on your monitor or computer screens. Have an issue with the quality of your images online? It is most probably your graphics card that needs upgrading. DESK Singapore provides a selection of graphics cards from integrated graphics cards to AGP. Grab your graphics cards from DESK Singapore today, all from the convenience of your office! 

Random Access Memory for your motherboards 

A crucial part to your computer's main memory is their random access memory (RAM). Random access memory is usually used to store data that is currently being processed by the central process unit. DESK Singapore provides two types of Random access memory chips, namely Static RAM (SRAM) and Dynamic RAM (DRAM). DESK Singapore is the place to be for high quality random access memory chips and all your other industrial business needs! 

The essential motherboard

Like the heart of a computer, a motherboard is the main component of all computers. Every component of a computer, such as the random access memory or graphics cards, are all slotted into a motherboard for processing into the computer. DESK Singapore provides different types of motherboards, such as the AT motherboard and ATX motherboards. Source for high quality motherboards on DESK Singapore, all at the best prices! 

The brain of the computer; The processor CPU

You can say that the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer is similar to a brain in that it is responsible for processing and initiating all computer processes and tasks. DESK Singapore provides many types of central processing units such as dual-core or octa-core central processing units. Source for the best prices on central processing units in the market today, all on DESK Singapore! 

Power supplies for your computer needs 

Without a power supply, a computer and its components are unable to function. DESK Singapore provides various types of power supplies from unregulated power supplies to switching regulated power supplies. Grab the best power supplies for your business today, only on DESK Singapore! 

Protect your computer with Computer cases

Computer cases are essential for protecting your computer from harmful substances or from the risk of dropping or from a long fall. DESK Singapore provides different types of computer cases for all your computer needs, such as computer casings for desktop computers or cushioned computer cases for your laptops. Whatever your business needs may be, DESK Singapore has got it here just for you! 

Insulate your computer with Fans and cooling

Maintaining a computer can be difficult, and that is why DESK Singapore offers many types of fans and cooling systems just for your computer. From cabinet fans, to induction motors within your computer, DESK Singapore provides the best so that you do not have to worry about your office computers. Fret less with fans and cooling systems at DESK Singapore today! 

Enhance your computer with Other PC parts 

On top of what we offer above, DESK Singapore is also aware of other needs that you might have for your computer. We offer other accessories from HDMI cables to DVD writers, just for greater enhancement for your computers. Source today on DESK Singapore to get the best accessories for your computers, and all for the best prices in the market! 

Source on DESK Singapore online, and get all your computer and accessories needs at the convenience of your office and workspaces today!