Suspension & Steering

Always sourcing for suspension and steering components for specific vehicle models but fail to do so due to limited range? Ever wished for a more efficient way of sourcing the components you need?

DESK Singapore, a one-stop B2B marketplace is here to meet your needs! Suspension and steering components such as wheels, shocks, struts, suspension springs, front and rear suspension are all available on this platform – imagine the convenience of sourcing now. 

Suspension and Steering are basic components of any vehicle – car, truck and SUVs, you name it. However such components are liable to wear and tear and might no longer perform up to standard over time, therefore creating the need for constant servicing. Choose to shop at DESK whenever you require such specific parts for your customers!

Maximise Stability and Control

Picture losing steering stability due to a worn-out car suspension – how unsafe is that? Help your customers prevent such risky situations. Shop for quality suspensions at DESK, we offer both front and rear suspension parts as well as suspension springs. Improve your service level by using our superior parts for your customers, ensure the safety of your customers!

Improve Handling and Steering 

Steering parts determine the direction and steering effort of a vehicle. Imagine losing control of a vehicle due to faulty parts. We believe you would never want your customers to experience such dangerous situations. Need to assist in the changing of wheels to improve friction? Need to replace faulty steering parts? Just think of DESK, we provide an extensive catalog of parts from wheels, power steering to shocks and struts. Never worry about your customers experiencing such safety risks when shopping at DESK!

Purchase your Suspension and Steering at DESK Singapore today!