Electrical Parts

Whether you are an avid car owner interested in customization or a company servicing and repairing vehicles, we have just the right parts and components for you. Our product ranges from ignition system, alternator, starter, batteries to headlamp and tail light components. 

Owning an automobile means taking full responsibility for it. Similarly, repairing and servicing it means ensuring that that vehicles are in tip-top condition before it is returned to your customers. Your customers value the quality of parts used – I am sure you understand that. That’s why DESK is here, we offer superior parts for you to meet your customers expectation. 

Long-Lasting and Superior

Imagine driving late at night with a faulty headlamp or tail light – how dangerous would that be? Your customers want assurance that parts recommended by you are durable and have that stamp of approval. Shop at DESK for our long-lasting car lights from headlamp, tail light to all their components to give your client confidence to drive anytime and anywhere. 

Genuine and Reliable 

Tired of dealing with constant breakdowns? Finding ways to improve quality of servicing provided? Buy reliable electrical parts such as alternators and ignition systems from DESK to upgrade vehicle performance and surprise your customers with a better driving experience – a foolproof approach to improve your business reputation!

Safe for Use

Customizing vehicles comes with additional safety risk. We get it, that’s a common misconception. At DESK, we offer parts like starters and batteries that are safe for use so that you can serve your customers, customizing their vehicles without compromising their safety. Get yours today to start tailoring to your customer needs! 

Shop for Electrical Parts now with DESK Singapore!