Body Part

Searching for the coolest parts to give vehicles a fresh look? Finding the most stylish body parts for your customers?  

Look no further, DESK Singapore is here to provide you with a one-of-kind seamless sourcing experience. Our comprehensive catalog - bumpers, fenders, door panels, hoods, emblems, exhaust tips and spoilers gives you a wide selection to choose from. Never worry about not being able to source for parts you need!

Body parts are essential components of a vehicle, not only does it determines the look and feel of the vehicle, it also ensures safety - minimizing collision damage if high quality materials are used. Require body parts for styling? Bumpers, hoods, emblems and spoiler can do the job! Want to enhance safety? Source for body parts made from high quality materials from DESK!

Improve Design and Style

Tired of looking and providing the same old, typical vehicle designs to your customers? Want to get more creative with vehicle design? The design of a vehicle represents the character and style of its owner. A trendy and stylish design can help a car look as good as brand new. Let DESK help your customers with our selection of products. With our extensive collection of hoods, emblems and spoilers, you be sure to find one suitable for your customers' needs. 

Enhance Safety

Body parts like bumpers play a key role in absorbing energy generated and protecting important parts during accidents. Just imagine the impression your business give when the bumper installed is severely damaged in a minor collision. Your customers prioritize that safety aspect so give them that assurance! We simplify that process for you by offering body parts suitable for different models and vehicles. Source for durable body parts that are capable taking collision damage at DESK today!

Shop at DESK Singapore for Body Parts today!